Nervous System

The central nervous system

The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord.

And the peripheral nervous system is made up of nerves and receptors.

The CNS is made up of neurones that coordinate the massages travelling through the nervous system.

The three types of cells, neurons are:


  • The sensory neurone: Transmit impulses inwards from sense organs to the CNS


  • Motor neurone: Transmitting impulses from the CNS to muscles and glands elsewhere in the body


  • Relay neurone: Transmit the electrical impulses generated by the stimuli to other nerves.


Living space

During our Language class we read a short story “Living Spaces” by Bonnie Benjamin, who writes about a flashback from when she was nine and had to move homes, because the house where her family was living was caving in on them.

I really enjoyed reading about Bonnie’s childhood. She convyed the hard process of moving very clearly to me. I also had to experience this process few years ago, and although it is excting and intriguing to wonder what your life may turn out to be, it also makes you feel out of place and sometimes disappointed, as it was her case, when she met the kids in the new neighbourhood, who mistreated her and called them names.

What I realised in this sotry is that we can never expect things to go as we want them to. There is always going to be something that will makes us regreat the choices we have made, but it is up to us to face them and not allow them to disrupt our happiness. In the end Bonnie decides to stand for herself and her sisters, as should we all, we must never allow anyones or anything to bring us down.

El lenguaje es el arma mas poderosa

En nuestra clase Lengua nuestra profesora Camila Aliberti nos pidió que escribiéramos un ensayo y para esto nos dio a elegir dos afirmaciones, yo elegí “el lenguaje es el arma mas poderosa” y acá esta mi ensayo,

Decir que al lenguaje es el arma más poderosa del mundo es reconocer que todos los seres humanos somos poderosos, por eso a la hora de usarlo uno debe ser sumamente cuidados para expresar, ya sean pensamientos o emociones. Cuando hablamos de Lenguaje en el siguiente ensayo nos referimos a un medio para hacer comprender algo, como para expresar sentimientos y pensamientos por medio de la palabra, sistema de signos o señas. Cuando me refiero a arma me refiero a un medio que utiliza una persona para conseguir un fin determinado, este puede ser el de expresar una opinión o sentimiento entre otras cosas.

El lenguaje es principalmente una forma de comunicación entre pares. Sin el lenguaje no podríamos comunicarnos con las personas al nuestro alrededor y no seríamos capaces transmitir nuestros pensamientos y sentimientos, esto es lo que nos diferencia humanos, de animales. El lenguaje es elemental para aprender diariamente y también es importante para poder transmitir este aprendizaje día a día, de chicos nosotros asistimos el colegio donde profesores y maestras nos transmiten saberes que usaremos dia a dia en lo cotidiano. Pero cuando crecemos todas esas ideas que nos transmitieron se convierten en propias, porque las moldeamos a nuestras experiencias, y más tarde se las transmitimos a nuestros hijos o amigos, para que luego ellos moldeen y transmitan.

Por un lado el lenguaje se considera un arma. Esta nos sirve para defendernos de las personas y atacarlas cuando necesitamos expresar ideas de suma importancia. Para hacer entender una idea o poder transmitir un mensaje, uno debe poder destacarse de entre los demás y hacerse escuchar, si uno no puede hacer que los demás lo escuchen jamás podrá expresarse, por eso aquel que domine al lenguaje correctamente tendrá siempre más poder sobre aquel que no sabe usar el lenguaje.

El lenguaje es aquello que nos permite comunicarnos con el prójimo y crear vínculos con cualquier otro ser que comprenda el mismo, por eso es poder, porque si desde el principio no fuéramos capaces de comunicarnos y crear vínculos, no seríamos capaces de hablar, caminar, o aprender cómo lo hacemos dia a dia mediante el lenguaje. Desde pequeños observamos a nuestros padres y su forma de ser, para luego imitarla, y finalmente crear a nuestra propia persona, con su propio poder y su propia capacidad de manejar al lenguaje. Si un padre no puede enseñarle a su hijo que al lenguaje es la principal herramienta de comunicación, entonces nosotros no podriamos generar vinculos con otros, estariamos aislados de la sociedad para siempre.

Para finalizar el lenguaje es el arma más poderosa del mundo porque nos permite expresar nuestras ideologías y opiniones, para así crear vínculos, de los cuales podemos aprender. Es importante también transmitir a otros este conocimiento para nunca dejar de aprender y enseñar a otros. Es el arma más poderosa del mundo porque no sólo es lo que nos diferencia de los animales sino que también nos brinda poder sobre aquellos que no saben utilizarlo.

Ghost Story Podcast

During this term in Language we have been seeing Ghost stories and Gothic Novels. We have read a few gothic novels and some ghost stories, and we were given teh assignment to write our own and also to make a podcast with the story we had written. Here are my story and podcast.

Supernatural Aid

The first time I experienced the supernatural was during my senior year. I used to take the bus home everyday and when I didn’t I walked home through the main avenue, I could also walk through the hill, but it scared me. When class started I joined the school band, and stayed once a week for late practice. Those days my mom would come and pickme up from school so I wouldn’t walk home alone.

Once our band had stayed  late for practice, and my mom couldn’t come to pick me up. I decided to cross the hill, which would take ten minutes less than walking down the main road. There is always one night of the year that turns out to be the longest and coldest of them all, I believe it was that night. It was so cold that as I exhaled I could see my own breath in white smoke. It was a very steep slope, so I had to work hard to get to the top of the hill. I hadn’t realised how intense the fog had become, I could barely see my own feet. It also became darker, so I started to walk faster. Suddenly a cold shiver went from the top of my head all the way through my back and ended in my toes. I could see the fog moving, as if someone was walking next to me. The dew was so intense I slipped in the grass and knocked my head hard. Suddenly I felt as if I were falling asleep, my eyes started to slowly close and I had no control over my body. My vision became blurry. Suddenly I felt a certain cold on my hands, as if someone was trying to lift me up. I couldn’t hear myself think, I repeated to myself not to fall asleep. My body got colder, and the night became darker. Suddenly I closed my eyes completely. I felt the apparitions move around my paralysed body. I did not feel scared at all. Again I could feel its hands trying to lift me, trying to help me, and all I could wonder was why?

I always had believed that ghosts, and all the supernatural creatures are here to haunt us, and do evil things to us, but it had never crossed my mind that they could try to help us. 

Ghost stories

During our Language class we have been reading and analysing Gothic Novels. We read three different stories of the same genre and analysed them in different groups, we also made a presentation on the vocabulary and expressions used in these stories.


Life in Eastern Europe, 1945 – 1989.

During our History class we have been seeing the Cold War. Also in Lengua, we have been reading a book about the Cold War called “De Viaje por Europa del Este” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. During this activity we combined both subjects and we also had to look  for a sportsman, woman in our case, that defected her country during the Olympic Games.

We found information on Ute in this journals: Herald Journal, Chicago Tribune.