Ghost Story Podcast

During this term in Language we have been seeing Ghost stories and Gothic Novels. We have read a few gothic novels and some ghost stories, and we were given teh assignment to write our own and also to make a podcast with the story we had written. Here are my story and podcast.

Supernatural Aid

The first time I experienced the supernatural was during my senior year. I used to take the bus home everyday and when I didn’t I walked home through the main avenue, I could also walk through the hill, but it scared me. When class started I joined the school band, and stayed once a week for late practice. Those days my mom would come and pickme up from school so I wouldn’t walk home alone.

Once our band had stayed  late for practice, and my mom couldn’t come to pick me up. I decided to cross the hill, which would take ten minutes less than walking down the main road. There is always one night of the year that turns out to be the longest and coldest of them all, I believe it was that night. It was so cold that as I exhaled I could see my own breath in white smoke. It was a very steep slope, so I had to work hard to get to the top of the hill. I hadn’t realised how intense the fog had become, I could barely see my own feet. It also became darker, so I started to walk faster. Suddenly a cold shiver went from the top of my head all the way through my back and ended in my toes. I could see the fog moving, as if someone was walking next to me. The dew was so intense I slipped in the grass and knocked my head hard. Suddenly I felt as if I were falling asleep, my eyes started to slowly close and I had no control over my body. My vision became blurry. Suddenly I felt a certain cold on my hands, as if someone was trying to lift me up. I couldn’t hear myself think, I repeated to myself not to fall asleep. My body got colder, and the night became darker. Suddenly I closed my eyes completely. I felt the apparitions move around my paralysed body. I did not feel scared at all. Again I could feel its hands trying to lift me, trying to help me, and all I could wonder was why?

I always had believed that ghosts, and all the supernatural creatures are here to haunt us, and do evil things to us, but it had never crossed my mind that they could try to help us. 

Ghost stories

During our Language class we have been reading and analysing Gothic Novels. We read three different stories of the same genre and analysed them in different groups, we also made a presentation on the vocabulary and expressions used in these stories.


Life in Eastern Europe, 1945 – 1989.

During our History class we have been seeing the Cold War. Also in Lengua, we have been reading a book about the Cold War called “De Viaje por Europa del Este” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. During this activity we combined both subjects and we also had to look  for a sportsman, woman in our case, that defected her country during the Olympic Games.

We found information on Ute in this journals: Herald Journal, Chicago Tribune.

The Phoenix

During our Literature class we read “The Phoenix” by Sylvia Townsend Warner and we did an analysis of the story during our class. Here is a video witht he story ad some information about the writer.

  • What calls my attention about the writer is that she is very misunderstood when she writes fiction, and that she is not very known for her writing. She died in 1978 and left behind lots of books, poems, and novels, but people who read don’t understand them, and so her books aren’t very known in Britain, and I already have read one story of hers and loved it, I found lots of messages and metaphors in it.
  • In this story we have been reading I think that the Phoenix symbolizes society, and how we are animals deep inside, and maybe for some time we can be “nice” but when we realise that we are being used for the good of others and not of our own, we can destroy everything.

Deep analysis

  1. I think that Warner makes the ending effective for me, because the story has a very abrupt ending, and what I believe is that when the Phoenix caught fire, he took everyone down with him, becuase he realised he was bening used, and he wanted to be free, so he kills everyone near him, and id reborn in a new and free life.
  2. At first I feel curious about the bird Lord Strawberry as acquired, I can imagine the aviary as a giant greenhouse full of majestic birds, and the Phoenix the most majestic of them all. But when bird falls into the hands of Mister Poldero and he abuses the bird I feel sorry for the Phoenix, I think that what he did to the bird is horrible, and he deserved what he, and everyone else, got.
  3. When we first see greed in this story is with Lord Strawberry who desperately wants the Phoenix, so badly that he goes to Arabia himself to look for the bird, he makes the bird trust him and takes it home. He doesn’t care about the all the money he has to spend on these animals, he just wants them and wants the world to see them. We also see greed in Mr Poldero, who wants money and to get it he uses the Phoenix, when he realises that people are bored by the bird, he mistreats and abuses the bird for it to age and die, all for money and fame.
  4. Warner makes Poldero a very unpleasant man because she makes him greedy, for money and fame, and the kind of person that would kill for money or else. I think that what he did to the bird is horrible, and in the end he got nothing for it, but his death.
  5. Warner shows me that most of us humans are selfish. We are willing to go anywhere to get what we want and we won’t let anyone stop us to get it. First with the Lord who goes to Arabia himself for a bird, and then with Poldero who wants money and kills a majestic bird for it.

La Presidencia de Bernarino Rivadavia

Bernardino Rivadavia fue el primer Presidente de la Argentina, y en historia vimos un vídeo sobre su presidencia y respondimos estas preguntas.

  1. Caracterice el gobierno central de las Prov. Unidas del Río de la Plata, en la década de 1820-1824
  2. ¿Quienes gobernaron la provincia de BA durante la década de 1820-1831.0?
  3. ¿Cuales son las necesidades fundamentales para una mejor política y Gobierno, según la mirada de B Rivadavia?
  4. ¿Cuales son los valores y las ideas que guían a B Rivadavia en su accionar político, económico ?
  5. ¿Por qué se convoca a un Congreso Constitucional en BA en 1826? ¿Que se establece en dicho congreso? Enumere todas las normas.
  6. ¿Cuales son las repercusiones de la sanción de la Constitución de 1826? ¿Por qué?
  7. ¿Que caudillos se enfrentaron a Rivadavia? Consecuencias
  8. Caracterice la Ley Fundamental, alcance y Características.
  9. ¿En qué consistía el Banco Nacional? Características. Consecuencias.
  10. Caracterice la ley presidencial. Desarrolle.
  11. Caracterice la ley de Capitalización de BA
  12. Describa el proyecto de conquista del desierto llevado a cabo por la Prov. de BA, (pág 99)
  13. ¿Por qué es tan importante el tratado de Paz con el Imperio del Brasil? ¿Que se acordó? Consecuencias.
  14. ¿Qué sucede con la presidencia nacional, luego de la renuncia de Rivadavia, quien se hace cargo?
  15. ¿Qué sucede con Rivadavia, luego de su renuncia?
  16. A su criterio ¿qué rol desempeñó Rivadavia en la historia nacional?
  1. Centralista, unitario y dejaba de lado los intereses federales.
  2. Primero Martín Rodríguez y luego le sucedieron Las Heras, Sarratea, Balcarce, Sarratea, Ramos Mejía, Dorrego.
  3. La ley presidencial, la ley fundamental y la capitalización.
  4. La ilustración y el liberalismo económico.
  5. Se convoca para crear una Constitución Nacional y crear orden en las provincias, se dicta la ley presidencial.  
  6. Todas las provincias la rechazaron salvo la Banda Oriental. Esto pasó porque era unitaria y las provincias querían una federal.
  7. Los caudillos que se enfrentaron a rivadavia fueron, Bustos (Cordoba), Lopez (Sta Fe), Quiroga  (La Rioja), Ferrer (Del Litoral), García (Del Norte).
  8. Esta ley se refería principalmente al respeto de las autonomías provinciales (podían autogobernarse). Fue aceptada por todos los caudillos del interior que habían defendido el federalismo.
  9. El Banco Nacional en 1826 estaba autorizado a abrir sucursales en las provincias. Su capital formado por el aporte del Estado y por acciones que se suscribirán en todo el territorio, sería de 10.000.000 pesos (de la época).Sus funciones eran: recibir depósitos, tomar dinero a interés, otorgar préstamos, acuñar monedas y billetes convertibles, etc. El Banco, que absorbió al Banco de Descuentos de la provincia, no logró reunir el capital correspondiente y el papel moneda que emitió careció de respaldo. Los gastos derivados de la guerra del Brasil llevaron al gobierno a solicitar reiteradas sumas que provocaron su ruina. En 1836, vencido el plazo de diez años establecido por la ley, Rosas dispuso su disolución.
  10. Una ley que se dictó por la crisis del Brasil, se decía que la presidencia duraría 5 años, sin reelección, el presidente elige a los gobernadores de las provincias, las ganancias de la aduana son para al banco nacional.
  11. Inmediatamente luego de asumir, Rivadavia presentó al Congreso un proyecto de capitalización de Buenos Aires: la ciudad y gran parte de la campaña circundante se proclamaba capital del Estado. Pocos días más tarde emitió un decreto en que ordenaba la demarcación de la capital de la república, y de la provincia de Buenos Aires.
  12. Para dejar de gastar en la guerra, mover las tropas. 

Benjamin Zephania’s Book “Face”

During our Language, after finishing, the novel “Face” by Benjamin Zephaniah, we analysed some parts of the books and imagined others. Working with Clari and Chopa, here is what we did. There are problems witht he website, and we cannot post images.

Activity 1

After having read the novel, think of the book cover . Which of these two covers do you think is more functional to the story and why? Write a short paragraph 80-100 words explaining the pros and cons of each cover.

We think,the one of the edition we are reading is better for the book. Is more appropriate to achieve the effect the descriptions inside the book give about the main character after his accident. The other one, to us, represents only Matin and his attitude before the accident because someone with a hood on seems more rebel than a person without one. Also the second cover looks more catchy than the first one because it doesn’t reveal how his face looked after the accident so let us the possibility to imagine it.

Activity 2

Describe the characters as accurate as you can. Finally, choose a picture that illustrates the appearance of these three boys. Post the pictures in your blog together with the analysis of the characters.

Martin Turner: Martin Turner is the protagonist of this story. He changes as much on the inside as on the outside after he is involved in a car accident that leaves his face severely disfigured after it burns. Before the crash he was a smug and a racist boy.

Natalie: She is the girlfriend of Martin, but they were together for appearances, she wanted to be popular. She’s an independent girl but also the most racist. After the accident all the interest she had for being with Martin, just because of this face, disappeared.

Matthew:  He’s one of Martin’s best friends, but instead of being so bold like Martin he is more curious and careful with the things they do, and he did not do what he knew was not okay, getting in the car like Mark and Martin.

Find a song that well represents in your opinion any of the teachings or messages present in Face. Post the link to your song in your blog together with a brief paragraph explaining why you have chosen it and the connection you believe it has with Face.

The song we chose is “Count On Me” By Bruno Mars. We chose this song because we think it represents Martin’s and Anthony’s friendship best, Anthony was always there for Martin, and so was he.