News Report: Post hurricane ‘like zombie apocalypse’

During Writing and Oral we were given the assignment to find a news report on a natural disaster and I found a news report on the Hurricane Odile.

On Sept. 14, Odile slammed Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, La Paz, Mulege, Bahia de Los Angeles and other towns on the Baja California peninsula. Mexican media reported two confirmed fatalities in the storm, and three reported missing. Gangs were seen roaming neighborhoods, and 19 people were reportedly arrested for robbery and home theft in Los Cabos and La Paz.

Odile’s 125-mph winds and torrential rains left the area by sunrise Sept. 15, but the extensive damage meant some nightmarish days for an estimated 30,000 visitors.

Many were warned not to leave their hotels for their own safety. Some said they had little to eat or drink; the entire area lacked power and, thus, air conditioning. Adults were reduced to tears; tourists prayed out of fear while huddling for safety during the storm, merchants wailed out of frustration when post-storm looters ravaged their shops.

Last Sunday, people caught in Hurricane Odile focused on simply surviving.Nearly a week later, survival is still the focus — but there’s no longer anything simple about it.

“The biggest need now is money,” said Mark Drewelow, whose Encinitas-based YachtAid Global coordinates the delivery of humanitarian supplies via private yachts. “Then that turns into the critical needs — water, food, medicine and shelter.

“And those needs will be in place for weeks.”

I choose this article because it striked me the number of cities which were involved in this hurricane and all the people that was affected in it. I think that the way the authorities alarmed the people in the area which was going to be affected by the hurricane, and so that way people had the opportunity to prepare themselves for the hurricane, but there´s not really something you can do to prevent this things they just happen and the best you can do is be warned and prepare yourself for what is coming to you.

slammed: To hit or strike with great force.

roaming: To move about without purpose or plan; wander.

torrential rains: Resulting from the action of fast-flowing streams

huddling: To crowd together, as from cold or fear.

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Boy – Homesickness – Summary

During Language class we were given the assignement to write a summary aboutone of the chapters we had read about the book “Boy“.

Roald was homesick during his whole first-term. During his first two weeks he thought of different plans so that he could leave school for only a few days. During his first-term his sister had apendecities he looked at the ways she complained and what she said hurted her. So when he came back to school he pretend to have apendicities and was sent home to see a real doctor, when the doctor realised he didn`t have apendicities and was homesick he said to school he had a severe stomach infections hand Roald stayed home for  a couple of days.