Descriptions: Appearance, personality, mood and tone

Pair work: choose 2 pictures and write a description connecting them. I worked with Fran Costamagna and Juan Subira. 

-Describe the places in detail

-Describe the situation (use your imagination) and the feelings of the people.

-Think about the mood.


My week in BaResultado de imagen para working hardriloche was the best week of my year. When I left I didn’t realize that I was going to miss on a lot of important events at work.  I got back from my trip at down on Monday. I decided that it would be best if I stopped missing out on my work, and went straight from the airport to my office. As I walked down the corridor all my coworkers came out to salute me and ask about my trip, I think they envied that I had been on vacation for the hardest working week of the year and that made me feel good in a way. When I finally got to my office, and got to see the enormous pile of work waiting for me, I could feel how my body contracted with pain, and my partners laughed at me.


The first thing I did was pour myself some coffee to wake me up and then I sat down and started thelongest day of work. I was so tired that I layed my head on my arms on top of all the

papers scattered around my desk to rest my eyes for a few minutes. As I closed my eyes I travelled back to bariloche and my skis. The cold wind blew on top of the mountain and the sun bathed my face with warmth. As I slide through the mountain and slid though the soft and newly fallen snow from the previous night all I could feel was joy. Nothing could concern me at the top of the mountain. The mountain was so peaceful, unlike the office were everyone is running from one place to the other, trying to get things done as quickly as possible.

I jumped from my desk as a partner shouted to me, I had fallen asleep and been caught right after arriving from a week of holidays, not a good impression the one I made that day at work.

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