Film: “Marie Antoinette”

This is a double virtual period, so your deadline is: October, 13th.

Finish watching the movie “Marie Antoinette”, by Sofia Coppola. (The link was provided by Alina in your Facebook group).

Then, answer the following questions and post them in your blogs:

1. Marie Antoinette is sometimes referred to as “The Teenage Queen”. What attitudes in the movie can show that? 

We can see the teenage attitudes that the question is referring to as we see the movie and see how Marie Antoinette behaved likea child at the Frenchh court. All she did was party and drink, shop for clothes and shoes, she also broke the rules at court, the most important was that she cheated on her husband Louis.

2.  After her first child is born she shows many changes in her attitude and lifestyle. How? Provide examples. Why do you think that happens?

When her first child was born, a daughter, she decided she wanted to raise her on the countryside, so she had a house made for herself and moved there to teach her daughter about nature and the wildlife, as well as important values and things a princess is supposed to know. Although around her daughter she behaved like a mature woman, she stilled behaved like a child when she could.

3. Some historians have often suggested that Marie Antoinette’s behaviour helped encourage agitation in the people at the beginning of the Revolution. Can you find any instances in the movie that confirm or deny this claim?

Yes, her behaviour certainly helped to increase agitation in the people at the beginning of the Revolution, she was a very extravagant woman, she never stopped buying jewelry and expensive and unnecessary things, like shoes and dresses. She invested a lot of money on the palace’s gardens, and people envied this and didn’t like to see her spend all of their tax money on those things.

4. Towards the end of the movie, we see a more mature woman. How does she show she has somehow stopped being “The Teenage Queen”?

When the castle was attacked and her husband, the King was being taken, he asked her to leave with the children to keep herself and them safe, but she stayed behind with him, to support him and by doing this she showed real maturity. We can see at the end of the movie that the woman at the beginning and the woman at the end of the film are two different people.

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