Letter from Napoleon’s Coronation

Task: imagine you are a person who attended Napoleon’s coronation as Emperor. Write a letter to a friend describing it and expressing your opinion about it. Inworked with Tota Lupi.

Dear Anette,
Today I attended Napoleon’s coronation.
It took place at Notre Dame, the cathedral is on a small island on the River Seine. People from all around the world come to Paris to admire the beauty of this French landmark. Thousands of frenchmen had gathered for the coronation. Inside the cathedral we could barely breathe because of all the people who came to witness this great event.

Priests, counselors and the Pope stood in the
alter at the sides of our great Emperor. When Napoleon lifted his crown the entire cathedral held it’s breath and as he laid it upon his head we all applauded and shouted his name with pride. Then came the coronation of his wife Josephine who wore the most beautiful gown I had ever seen and the brightest jewels France had ever seen.

With Napoleon as our Emperor I could not
be prouder of being French. I am sure his rule will make our country become one and all of us together will make France the greatest Nation Europe has ever witnessed. He has already proven to me he can accomplish great things with the new Constitution he wrote for all of France to by ruled by. He has released us from tax farmers and banned trade unions. By this, people will know that the money is not being stolen by the tax farmers, but actually going to the crown’s hands to be used for the countrymen’s benefit.

Long live Napoleon and his wife Josephine!

Sir Joseph.

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