The Storming of the Bastille

As we have been seeing the French Revolution and all the causes that came along with it, for this week we had as a virtual period the following task:

Imagine you are a French citizen who was involved in the storming of the Bastille. Later that night, write your diary entry, explaining what happened (from your viewpoint) and expressing your fears, wishes, hopes for the future, etc. Be as creative as possible in finding a voice for that character to make it sound realistic.

Dear Diary,

I have waited for this day a long time. When the Assembly gathered last week and finally decided that it was time to take over the Bastille, not only to release our fellows but also to take the weapons that would help us defeat the monarchy I felt relieved and free. Because now we were giving ourselves the chance to become a democracy, to draw  a Constitution, and make our way though life.

We decided the attack would take place with the first rays of light. The whole Assembly was there, even the nobles who had shown their support and now were leading us to our freedom from this feudal system.

It didn’t take long for us to walk in the Bastille and take the weapons, as well as our fellows. Most of them were in shock. They couldn’t believe we were finally begining a Revolution. I couldn’t belive either. When I first came to realise what was happening was when I saw the warden’s head on a pike.

This day will forever remain in history and I’m happy to be a French, and I am thrilled to be a part of this Revolution.

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