Living space

During our Language class we read a short story “Living Spaces” by Bonnie Benjamin, who writes about a flashback from when she was nine and had to move homes, because the house where her family was living was caving in on them.

I really enjoyed reading about Bonnie’s childhood. She convyed the hard process of moving very clearly to me. I also had to experience this process few years ago, and although it is excting and intriguing to wonder what your life may turn out to be, it also makes you feel out of place and sometimes disappointed, as it was her case, when she met the kids in the new neighbourhood, who mistreated her and called them names.

What I realised in this sotry is that we can never expect things to go as we want them to. There is always going to be something that will makes us regreat the choices we have made, but it is up to us to face them and not allow them to disrupt our happiness. In the end Bonnie decides to stand for herself and her sisters, as should we all, we must never allow anyones or anything to bring us down.

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  1. Ali,
    Great and clear organisation! Quite conclusive last paragraph. Check the words below:
    stand UP for yourself
    as we should all
    break our spirit/make us lose heart/ discourage us

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