Benjamin Zephania’s Book “Face”

During our Language, after finishing, the novel “Face” by Benjamin Zephaniah, we analysed some parts of the books and imagined others. Working with Clari and Chopa, here is what we did. There are problems witht he website, and we cannot post images.

Activity 1

After having read the novel, think of the book cover . Which of these two covers do you think is more functional to the story and why? Write a short paragraph 80-100 words explaining the pros and cons of each cover.

We think,the one of the edition we are reading is better for the book. Is more appropriate to achieve the effect the descriptions inside the book give about the main character after his accident. The other one, to us, represents only Matin and his attitude before the accident because someone with a hood on seems more rebel than a person without one. Also the second cover looks more catchy than the first one because it doesn’t reveal how his face looked after the accident so let us the possibility to imagine it.

Activity 2

Describe the characters as accurate as you can. Finally, choose a picture that illustrates the appearance of these three boys. Post the pictures in your blog together with the analysis of the characters.

Martin Turner: Martin Turner is the protagonist of this story. He changes as much on the inside as on the outside after he is involved in a car accident that leaves his face severely disfigured after it burns. Before the crash he was a smug and a racist boy.

Natalie: She is the girlfriend of Martin, but they were together for appearances, she wanted to be popular. She’s an independent girl but also the most racist. After the accident all the interest she had for being with Martin, just because of this face, disappeared.

Matthew:  He’s one of Martin’s best friends, but instead of being so bold like Martin he is more curious and careful with the things they do, and he did not do what he knew was not okay, getting in the car like Mark and Martin.

Find a song that well represents in your opinion any of the teachings or messages present in Face. Post the link to your song in your blog together with a brief paragraph explaining why you have chosen it and the connection you believe it has with Face.

The song we chose is “Count On Me” By Bruno Mars. We chose this song because we think it represents Martin’s and Anthony’s friendship best, Anthony was always there for Martin, and so was he.

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