Pursuit of Hapiness

With our teacher we saw the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” and we made a movie guide bases in the movie. The last assignment was to write a better to a friend telling him about our bad económico crisis. We were able to work in oairs and I worked with Clari Allende, here is our letter:

Dear friend,

How you’ve been? I am writing to you to tell you about my difficult life here in the city. I’ve been having many economic problems, the effort that I had been putting on my work wasn’t enough. I had to leave My job, which caused me the inability to pay the rent. My loving wife couldn’t tolerate this and left me and my son. We had to live from hand to mouth for months while I finished an internship so that I could get a better job, and have a better life. This made it impossible for me to have another job, so I had to manage rent and food, until the bank took My money and I was evicted from my home, I have been living in the streets and giving what little food I can afford to little Chris. 

Pray for me and my little boy, for us to find a better life, a home and have a good life.

Love, Christopher.

Stabat Mater

During our Literature class our teacher asked to watch two videos that analysed a poem we read calles “Stabat Material” by Sam Hunt. We also had to tell which one we found was more clear and why.

I found that the first video was easier to follow, they both have very similar ways to analysing the poem, but I understood better the way the narrator from the first video talked and explained, than the narrator from the second video.