Word Clouds

Our Language teacher gave us the task to find synonyms of the following words, the ones that are outline. With my partners Victoria and Matias we did two word clouds with these words.

Being sad: in grief, melancholy, sorrowful

Happy: in high spirits; satisfied: cheerful, content, delighted, glad, joyful, overjoyed, pleased

Alone: desolated, isolated, detached, lonely

Big: huge,full, massive.

Small: meager, miniature, petite, minuscule.

Depressing: disheartening, heartbreaking, dismal, dispiriting

Dark: bleak, obscure, gloomy, dim

Empty: isolated, bare, barren, deserted, desolate

Full: complete, abounding, complete.

Old: elderly, fossil, versed.

Untidy: messy, careless, chaotic, shabby

cloud words Tagul
Cloud words 2 Tagul

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