Sredni Vashtar: Reading Comprehension

Our Literature teacher Pato gave us some questions to answer after reading the story “Sredni Vashtar”

Questions for after reading…

1. Why is Conradin’s imagination the mainstay of his life?
2. Why do you think Conradin hates his guardian? Give two examples to support your answer.
3. The tool shed is a refuge for Conradin. But he keeps it a well guarded secret. Why was this so?
4. Saki employs ironic humor in Sredni Vashtar. Pick out any two examples.
5. “Do one thing for me, Sredni Vashtar.” Why does Conradin implore Sredni Vashtar to help him?
6. Can it be said that Mrs De Ropp brought about her own end? Support your answer with relevant arguments.

1- We can say that Conradin”s imagination is the mainstay in his life because , despite de fact that he is a sick boy and dying, his cousin, out of hatred, mistreats him and won’t let him do anything childish like, with the excuse he could get hurt.

2- I think Conradin hates his guardian because she is conatantly thrawrting him “for his own good”, she sells the hen so much loves and cared for.

3- He kept the shed a secret from her because he was afraid, and quite certain, that if she knew what was inside brought him joy she would make it go away just like she did with the hen.

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