Short term causes to World War 2

This are the presentations my partners and I did on the short term causes to World War 2. We were divided into groups ans asigned different causes to analyze. each grup made a presentation and then presented to the rest of the class during history.

I worked on the Nazi Soviet Pact, that was the last cause to the war, with Tin Reynal, Agustin Bravo and Juan Stordeur. 


This is the presentation made on Rearmament by Salvador, Juan Cruz, Trinidad Torrendel, and Feli Donato

This is the presentation on Rhineland made by Fran Costamagna, Vicky Quiroga, Euge Kenny and Mati Giambruni.

This is the presentation on the Anschluss made by Lucia Frias, Clara Allende, Lucas Caputo, Malena Millan.

This is the presenation made on Czechoslovakia by Josefina Tasca, Felix Okecki, Gaston Posse and Tota Lupi.

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