Visit to The Holocaust Museum

On Friday the 30th of October we visited the Holocaust Museum to learn more about our current topic in History class, Nazi Germany.

We have been doing lots of projects on this topic connected to Nazi Germany. Some time ago came Marcel, a French Jew who survived the Holocaust, who came to our school to tell his story. I personally was amazed, about how he has put up his past together, how he managed to find out what hapened to his family, and how he has become the man, father, and grandfather he is today.

We also went to the museum of the Holocaust with our teacher. We were received there by our tour guide, Ana, who first took us upstairs for a video of an interview with David Galante, a Jewish who lived in Rodas a Greek island with his family, made up of his four brothers and parents. They were taken by the Nazis when he was 18 and taken to Aushwitz. The day he arrived to Aushwitz was the last time he saw his parents and sisters, who then were killed.

He was sent with kids at first, as they thought he was ten, and then was sent back to the older ones and to do hard work. “You survive if you work”, that was what he said and what he did as long as he was in Auschwitz.

After the interview with David Galante we were taken downstairs by Ana to see how, for example, it was that Nazis got in our country, with fake documents, how it was that people here mistreated the Jews as well, how people in Argentina weren’t fully updated on what was happening in Germany.

We then saw things that used to belong to people in the camps, dolls, pictures, journels, etc. And also we saw a wall of plates from people that went to the museum and put plates there for their familie, we saw three plates Marcel, a French Jew who came to talk to us some time ago, that he placed there for his family.


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