Nazi Germany

During our History class our teacher Lenny divided us in groups and each group had to work on a different topic realted with Nazi Germany, I had to work with Jose Tasca, Gaston Posse and Juan Sotrdeur, we worked on Nazi Youth, and this is our presentation:

And these are all the different presentation the other groups did, this is the presentation about Nazi Germany made by Tota Lupi, Male Millan, Clara Allende and Chopa Montoya, talking about different things that happened in Germany from 1923 to 1933

This presentation was made by Juan Cruz, Tin Reynal, Salva and Mati Giambruni and talks about how the Nazis used Propaganda and the effect it had on people.

This presentation was made by Lucia Frias, Francesca Costamgna, Felix Okecki and Agus Bravo and they talk about the economy on Nazi Germany, hw Hitler helped with unemplyment among other things.

This last presentation was about the Nazi control and it was made by Vicky Quiroga, Feli Donato, Trini Torrendell and Euge Kenny, it talks about concentration camps, the secret armies and the police, and how Hitler controled Germany

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