Crime Story

During Language class, our teacher Pilar assigned us as a task to wrtie a crime story.

It’s late at night and you are coming back from work. You witness a strange event. Write the story ( 180-200 words)

It was late at night, I had just gotten out of the office, and walking to my car I heard some strange noises. I was about to go and look if something was going on when my phone rang. It was my wife, she was mad at me because I was getting late for dinner. So I grabbed my keys got in the car and went home. When suddenly I heard screaming and crying. I got of the car and asked if everything was okay. Suddenly a woman with a bleeding face came at me crying and screaming that we had to leave. “He’s coming” she said.  We got in the car and left immediately.

I took her to the police station and they took her in for some questions. I was told to go home. There was nothing else I could do. So I called my wife explained to her what had happened and went home. I gave my number to the police so that they could keep me informed of what was going to happen to the woman.

Next morning I received a call from the station and they told the woman was being taken into witness protection. She was an undercover officer, who came from up state origin. Who had been tracking terrorists for months. They had discovered who she really was and sent men after her. I was told to go on vacations with my family for a few weeks to make sure they weren’t looking for me either.

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