Analysing “White Hairs and Cricket”

During Literature class we analysed the story we are reading called “White hairs and Cricket”, we worked in groups and I worked with Juan Cruz, Vicky, Male, Agustin, Matias and Clara.

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1) Page 350: The sunday task of the narrator was to plucked out with tweezers the white hair of his father. The boy exaggerates the task,

For him it  was disgusting and repulsive, and he did not want to it to do it anymore but he kept it doing it because he felt pity for his father because he couldn’t get a job, and he was a little bit lost.

” It was unapñesting work, combing through his hair greasy with day-old pomade, isolating the white one, or the ones just beginning to turn half black and half white, and somehow more repulsive.”

2) Page 351: he remembers when he used to play cricket on sundays with his father and brother. The narrator said that they had a very good time together and when he finished his anecdote he started to feel depressed because now on sundays he have to plucked out with tweezers the white hairs of his father.

And the relationship between the father, the mum, mamaiji and the narrator is that as they are from different generations, they think different.

The relationship between the narrator and mamaiji is the relationship that every grandson has with his grandma.

3) Page 352: Mamaiji believed that taking out white hairs was bad luck (superstition), the father didn’t believe that but I think that deep inside he’s a little bit afraid of never getting a job because of that.

The father reads every sunday the newspaper because he is searching for a job and the relationship between the job and the white hairs is that if he has white hairs, everyone would see that he is old and they will not hire him for the job. But I think that’s not the problem, I think that he is so concern about his white hairs that he is not making the effort he can do.

4) Page 353: The narrator is a traitor because although his parents didn’t let him eat the food that Mamaiji prepared, he ate it. And after eating it he got diarrhea so when his parents asked what happened he accused his grandmother (Mamaiji) of giving him her food so then his parents started to say bad things to mamaiji and they started arguing.

In the last paragraph the dad was dreaming of when he gets the job, he will change everything in the house.

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