Dumb Martian

During Language class we read teh story “Dumb Martian” and we answered some questions about the story, here are the answers:

  1.  Discuss the full significance of the title of the story. Where and when does it begin?
  2.  What seems to be the attitudes in the society about buying a female Martian? What are the rules?
  3. Who is Lellie, where did Duncan Weaver get her from, and why did he buy her?  How much does she end up costing him?
  4. Where is Weaver going, for how long, and what will his position/ duties be?  What seems to be his  main motivation in going?
  5. What do we learn about Weaver in the beginning? How are we made to feel about him at     first?
  6.  Where is the Company Agent based and what is his role? Summarise what he says in response to Weaver’s talk of ‘dumb Martian’.  What further limitations of Weaver are made obvious (75-76) in the conversation between the outgoing supervisor and Weaver?
  7.  How are the Martians described at the top of p70? What do we learn of them and their history/ civilization?
  8. How is Jupiter IV/II, Weaver’s “future home”, described on page p70? Why is this description particularly effective/ suggestive?
  9.  What is the effect of how the universe is described (bottom 76 and top 77)? Quote the words uttered by Weaver that contribute to this effect.
  10.  Describe Leslie’s appearance. Sketch/ draw what you think she looks like based on the details given.


1) The title of the story is “Dumb Martian”. We think that the story is called like that because of one of the main characters who was a martian. Duncan is Lillie’s husband but he didn’t love her. He involved himself in a marriage ceremony to travelled to Júpiter.

2) The attitudes in the society about buying a female martian were racist and a society that supports slavery, discrimination and chauvinism.

3) Lellie is a martian, Duncan bought her first for 1000 but finally got her for $ 2,310, he needed her because he had to travel to jupiter and needed someone to get married with. He needed to go to Jupiter because he had to work there.

4) Weaver is going to the second largest moon called Júpiter IV/II and he went for 5 years. His appointment was as Station Officer. His main motivation on going to Júpiter was that he would be earning 5000, a year tax free, that would be 25000 in five years.

5) At first we can see that Duncan is a person who is very interested in his job and money and that he doesn’t cares of the feelings of the rest. We don’t feel very proud of him because he only buys Lellie to travel to Jupiter.

6) The Company Agent is on Mars. His role is to avoid slavery and selling of Martians. The agent tells Weaver they may look dumb but they are in fact very clever and loyal. it is made obvious that he can’t move from one planet to another without a passport.

7) At page 17 martians are described like intelligent and also it says that martians are not as dumb as Weaver thought. Also says that they are clever and smart.

8) As a huge, isolated, silver pencil standing on end. There was a blue light and men and machines working under the ship’s great tail. It is breathtaking.


10) Lellie is a martian. At the beginning she seemed innocent, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and kind. We believe she is tall, with green skin and red hair. She has huge pointed ears but has no nose.


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