Personal Passive

Our teacher Pilar asked to look up for what personal passive is, how to use it, etc. We were divided in gropus and I worked with Francesca and Josefina. Here is a presentation in which you can learn what personal passive is.

Here is an exercise to practice personal passive:
  1. People know that she is a good swimmer.
  2. They say that Francis is in hospital.
  3. They think that the children are in bed.
  4. People believe that the robber has worked in the bank.
  5. People believe that nuclear power stations are dangerous.
  6. His collegues thought that he was on holiday.
  7. People know that cars pollute the environment.
  8. They suppose that the new product will come out soon.
  9. They found that the mission was impossible.
  10. They believe that she will win a gold medal.

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