Senator’s wife found murdered in her home

Monday 13th of July, Elena Brown was found brutally stabbed to death in her home. She had been reported missing by her husband senator Jonathan Brown three days before the murder. It is believed that Brown was asked for a large amount of cash to give to the abductors in exchange of his wife, but before he could pay ransom, his wife was founded dead.

The police are still looking for the responsible, which if found will be taken to trial and given at least a sentence of eight years and a fine of $250.000.000 dollars. The main suspect is Victor Karun, who was given a restriction order as he had been stoking Jonathan Brown and his wife for weeks, going threw their mail, calling late hours at night. Karun used to be one of Elena’s most confident employees, but he had become much attached to her and ended becoming obsessed with her. That is why Elena had to let him go, which made things even worse, as he started to stock her and her husband.

There is not enough evidence to incriminate Karun for the murder of Elena Brown, so police is working and interviewing other suspects, to find the man responsible for this crime and bring him to justice.

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