Investigando sobre DIY

Wikipedia: DIY (en inglés «Do It Yourself»), es la práctica de la fabricación o reparación de cosas por uno mismo, de modo que se ahorra dinero, se entretiene y se aprende al mismo tiempo. Es una forma de autoproducción sin esperar la voluntad de otros para realizar las convicciones propias.

Blogs: en esta pagina podemos encontrar distintos video o fotos de gente que hizo sus propias DIYy muestra sus resultados, podemos encontrar distintos campos como “filmaking”(como haver videos)  o “drawing” (dibujos).

Este es un ejemplo sobre DIY.












Este es un flash para una camara nikon hecho a mano.


Michael Rosen

In Language class we read the poem “Orange Juice” by Michael Rosen, now we are doing an assignment to find out more about him and his life.

1. What was important about the church burning down next to Michael’s house? 

The main thing about the burning of the church was that his mother never told him if the church burning down was he fault somehow. But all through his childhood the remains of the burnt out church were a place he could play in.

2. Were Michael’s memories of primary good ones or not? 

He went to two schools while in primary, one was called Pinner Wood and the other one was called West Lodge, but both of them were a bit stuffy side, meaning it was so crowded that in classes he couldn’t even breath. West Lodge was a brand new school so he was one of the first kids to go there, that was exciting for him.

3. Why do you think Michael wrote so many books about his younger school days? 

Because there are many things that you do, mischievous things, which you end up remembering forever, and they are hilarious, so thats why he wrote about it, because they are fun stuff that we all go through when we are young.

Web Quest

  • Find out what important event for Michael happened in 1974 

His first book for children was called Mind Your Own Business and it came out in 1974. Quentin Blake did wonderful line drawings for it.

  • Here’s a very short poem. What is its title? 

In days for yore verses for children were ever so pretty.                                                     But nowadays they are horrid and ugly and set in the city. 

The name of the poem is “Couplet”.

(What do you think the word “yore” means? Do you agree with the sentiment of the poem?) 

I think the word “yore” means past, or something that was young and now is old. I do partially agree wih what the poem says, and that now a days children spend more time to themselves, wich makes them horrible to be around with and are focused on technology and everything that has to do with it.

  • Click on one of the “In the Media” pieces and report back to the rest of the class what it was about. 

Boogy Woogy Buggy

This is a video of MIchael Rosen telling one of his poems, this one is calld “Boogy Woogy Buggy” and it`s about a child with a boogy, he drives at very high speed aroung his neighbourhood and no one can stop it, he rules the neighbourhood.

Alemania: cambios territoriales

En clase de Geografía hablamos sobre los cambios territoriales en Alemania y respondimos una preguntas:

1) La primer historieta hace referencia a la caída del muro de Berlín, y la segunda historieta hace referencia al cambio de gobierno de comunismo a capitalismo, el actual  tipo de gobierno.

2) Porque cuando Alemania estaba dividida en dos una parte era comunista y otra capitalista, cuando cae el muro de Berlín toda Alemania se convierte en un país capitalista.

3) Porque todavía hay consecuencias de la caída del muro de Berlin

Fazendo Convites

Nossa professora Eugin nos pediu que fizessemos diálogos de convites. Eu fiz um dialogo com Juan Cruz  e aqui está:

– no aniversario o aniversario 

– si você quer / si você quiser

a que horas são? / a que horas?

onde vamos a ir? / onde vamos?

vamos ir a… / vamos a…

eu tenho na inauguração… / eu tenho a inauguração…

Classification of Living Organisms

During class, our tacher Male, asked us to make a classification chart of arthropods and vertebrates. Here is my chart:


The real length of the centipide was 10 mm. This picture is 5 cm long.

length of drawing =                               5 cm 

length of the real centipide = 10 mm = 1 cm

= X 5

The drawing is five times larger than the real centipide.

Top 5 BookTubers

Our teacher Dani Barra asked us to see the Top 5 BookTubers, and comment about there BookTubes.

Jhon Green’s: I really liked his BookTube, although he speaks english very fast which made it difficult to understand what he was saying. I liked the story Ansel Elgort told about how he was told he was going to Amsterdam to film a part of “The Fault in our Stars”.

The Hunger Games: I loved this BookTube, the way he spoke about the “Hunger Games” and the firendship between the characters. I totally agree with everything he said, about how despite the fact that some are rich and some are poor, we can all get along, but when someone  is evil, like president Snow in “The Hunger Games”, you can’t have a frienship or a good relation with that person, so you don’t have to be on the same class or have the same amount of money to have a relation or frienship or whatever.

December Book Haul: I also enjoyed this BookTube, the book I was most atracted to from the ones she talked about was “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown”, it talks about a vampire girl, coldtown is a town for monsters but once you enter you can never leave.