My favorite Holiday Photo

During Laguage class we were given the assignment to describe our favorite holiday photo, I choose a picture rom this summer, in which I’m with Vicky at the beach.


In this picture I’m in Miramar. I went on holidays with my family and my friend Vicky. We were  on the beach all day sunbathing and we asked our sister to take a picture of us, so we thought raising our legs, trying to copy a picture we had seen. It was hard because we couldn’t find the right pose and my sister had to take fifteen photos until we had one we liked.

After we took the photo, we dug a hole and buried my sister up to the neck and then when she wanted to come out she couldn’t! So we had to un-bury her. She had to get in the ocean to take the sand off her. It was a very fun day. I had a lot of fun with Vicky in Miramar. I really like this picture and now that I look back at the time, I feel sad I’ve already started school.

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  1. Alina’s presentation was really good I like it very much, I believe tha she used very good language and she was very fluent about her favourite holiday photo. Alina explained that in this photo she was in Miramar with her family and Vicky and that her sister, who was burried in the sand for them, took the photo. I believe that she has to improve in tenses a little bit.

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