Games at Twilight

During Literature class we read the story “Games at Twilight” by Anita Desai. Then were given the assignment to write a summary, and analyse part of the story.

The story takes place in a house in India, where there were kids asking their mother to let them go play outside. But their mother,Mira, didn’t want them to go outside and play because it was too hot. Finally she allowed the kids to go outside and play outdoors. The kids decided to play hide-seek and the older one, Raghu, was “it”. When he started to count Ravi, one of the youngest of all. He thought about a good place to hide so he went and hide in the garage, suddenly he heard Ravi was coming for him, so he quicly crawled and went to hide in the shed. He stayed hidden there for hours,  when he finally came out he realized that no one was looking for him. The other kids had been playing another game the whole time h was hiding in the shed and no one had realized that he was still hiding, it was as if for all the time he stayed hidden the didn’t exist.

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