Writing Task: describe Mike´s house

Write a description of Mike´s house. Use as many adjectives as you can. Imagine you have been invited to have dinner to Mike´s house. Start your description like this:

I had been looking foreward to that special night for many months. I had carefully chosen my clothes and was wearing an elegant suit. At six o´clock I knocked on the door. An old tiny woman opened it.

As soon as I stepped into the house I could smell the delicious cooking. We had dinner in a long table. The glasses were crystal and there was a chandelier in the center of the table with a scent of roses.

When we finished dinner Mike invited me outisde and show me the natural surroundings. In the center of the garden there was a large arrangement of flowers which you could smel in a long distance.

The sound of swaying trees mixed with the sound of the singing birds with  the hot summer breeze gave the place a peacefull atmosphere.

It was a beatiful evening and I really enjoy to spend time in Mike´s house when he invites me.

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