The Great War

In History class we made a article based on the article of La Nación.

The Great War

There are many articles and books we can find when we want to know about “War World I”. We may know everything that happened during the war, we may know the number of soldiers and civilians that were killed, or the countries that formed an alliance to protect each other or we may  know which were the countries that disappeared at the end of this war. But we may not know all know the causes of it.

This war didn’t start only because of political differences or racism or differences of religions. There are many reasons why this war started and they are divided into long term and short term causes, because of the time. France wanted to get back the rich industrial area of Alsace-Lorraine which was taken from her in 1870 by Germany. In 1890 the German Kaiser ordered the building of a large navy which made Great Britain and other countries feel insecure and threatened because of its growing power, Germany was also worried about the encirclement of France and Russia, who both had reason to attack. The arms race between countries to see how had a vaster and better trained army was also very important because it made countries act in a desperate way to prove their strength . In 1914 different ethnic groups wanted to separate from  the rest of the Austrian-Hungarian empire and have their own independent country and. The Emperor of Austria-Hungary was concerned about how to keep his fragmented empire united.

But the final straw which made this “Great War” start was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914 by Gavrilo Princip sented by the Austria-Hungarian empire to kill him and then blamed it on Serbia. When Austria-Hungary empire blamed Serbia for the death of Franz Ferdinand sented and ultimatum and when this one was not responded Austria declared war to Serbia.


This was a trenches war.And from December 1019 to 1918 neither country could making a “winning move”, better known as stalemate. The reasons were simple. The techniques and the weapons were better positioned to defend than to attack. This was because barbed wire, trenches, mud and machine guns made cavalry and infantry impossible.

trenches 1 trenches 2 trenches 3

1917 was an important year to the war because Russian lefted the war and USA got in. USA declared war on Germany in April 1st 1917 because the Germans had attacked and destroy many american ships which they suspected of carrying supplies to the Allies. They also sank passenger ships, the Lusitania, killing many American civilians. But when the USA discovered that Germany hoped to ally Mexico against them it was the final straw. Russia on the other hand had a revolution which brought in  a communist government and it had made peace with Germany.


After the war ended, 1918, Woodrow Wilson, back in the day president of the USA, believed that nations should cooperate to achieve world peace. And published in January of that same year his Fourteen Pointsto helpachieve this. The most important point for Wilson was number fourteenth in which he proposed the setting up of an international body called the League of  Nations.

And there is also the Treaty of Versailles written down by the Big Threewhere it said that Germany had to take fullresponsibility for starting the war. She would have to pay for all the damages caused by the war. Her colonies became mandatescontrolled by the League of Nations. And restricted German armed forces to a level well below to what they had been before war.

Peace Conference

So we think that this war a combination of causes which lead countries to war. All countries had issues with others and some of  them were not as important as other issues, that meant more to some countries than others, and it was the accumulation of small problems that  lead to bigger issues which made “The Great War” start.



-Alina Claps and Sofia Montoya

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  1. Dear Alina and Sofía,

    Good work overall.

    You wrote an interesting article. You included relevant information and made a good use of images.

    You were a little careless as regards the use of language and the links. I found some mistakes in the info provided by you hyperlinks e.g. Stalemate, Big Three and ethnic groups. Please, improve on this.

    7 (Seven)

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