Describing a friend

Our teacher Laura asked us to write a description of a friend. We have to describe his personality and his physical appareance.

My best friend’s name is Thais. We’ve known each other since we were born and we have been friends forever.

She is fourteen. She has an oval face with short-straight blonde hair, thin bushy eyebrows with down-turned brown eyes. A wide nose and thin lips.                                                       She is of medium height and has a slim body with a tanned complexion.

As for her personality i think her strongest caracteristic is her affectionate. But when needing peopple’s attention she can be very perssuasive and creative. She likes photography and that’s what makes her a very artistic and original person. She likes beeing with her friends so I think that, is what makes her such a joyabel person.

In conclusion I think she is a very caring a loving person who likes creating and enjoying the things she does as much as possbile. She is a very good and loyal friend.