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In languge class we were given the task to read and choose from a book an extract explaning it. Select three or four terms present in the extract and explain their meaning. Use examples/pictures/videos to illustrate their meaning.

“Soon there were more wonderful things happening. Coming suddenly  round a corner into a glade of silver birch trees Edmund saw the ground covered in all directions with little yellow flowers – celandines. The noise of water grew louder. Presently they actually crossed a strem. Beyond it they found snowdrops growing.” 

In this extract the author describes the chaging from winter to spring, in Narnia. He talks about the sound of water, flowers growing, and how you could still see snow in some parts of the landscape.

I chose this extract because I liked the way the author described it as the season changes from winter to summer and I liked imagining what he had imagine when he worte this part of the book.

glade of silver birch trees: 



snowdrops growing:

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