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In languge class we were given the task to read and choose from a book an extract explaning it. Select three or four terms present in the extract and explain their meaning. Use examples/pictures/videos to illustrate their meaning.

“Soon there were more wonderful things happening. Coming suddenly  round a corner into a glade of silver birch trees Edmund saw the ground covered in all directions with little yellow flowers – celandines. The noise of water grew louder. Presently they actually crossed a strem. Beyond it they found snowdrops growing.” 

In this extract the author describes the chaging from winter to spring, in Narnia. He talks about the sound of water, flowers growing, and how you could still see snow in some parts of the landscape.

I chose this extract because I liked the way the author described it as the season changes from winter to summer and I liked imagining what he had imagine when he worte this part of the book.

glade of silver birch trees: 



snowdrops growing:

Descritpion of a Place

Los Clapton is a red wodden house located in America, Maschwitz by the countryside. It was built fourteen years ago. It is a very peaceful and picturesque place with spectacular views when it comes to see sunstes or dawns. All the lands around the neighbourhood are huge and full of trees among other things.

This is a red woodden house with a long porsche, which is also wooden. It is surrounded by a neat green lawnand and trees which turn into different colours durning the autum. You can seat outside and feel the sunlight in your face while hearing the sound of singing birds. In summer you can work the orche and have a barbecque in the shade of trees at the back of the house. You can also taste the sweet juicy oranges or lemons when sqeezing them to make juice. You can play with your friends in the swing underneath the tree-house. There is also a small pool where you can swim on hot summer days.

Inside the house there are five bed-rooms, one for each member of the family. An office in which i can do my homework. A play-room where we see movies and have sleepovers. And very big living-room with two windows facing each other and a library from where we take books whenever we want to read. The kitchen also has two windows facing eachother and a big marble table where we eat supper.

I like this house very much, I grew up in it and enjoy going there every weekend and spend it with my family. It is very big so there is always something to do and I never get bored.