Describing Lucy and Mr.Tumnus

Lucy: She is twelve years old. She has a pale oblong shape face with brown roundish-almond eyes, an upterned nose, thick cheecks and pink thin lips and her front teeth are separeted. She has short brown hair. She is slim and is of average height for the age she has. She is wearing a red cape and a blue dress and has part of her hair tided back.

Mr.Tumnus: He is in his early thirties. He has an diamond shape face with curly brown hair, and out of the hair there stuck two horns, one on each side of his forehead and his ears are like goat’s. He has almond-shaped blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, he has a straight nose, thin lips and a short point beard. From his waist upward he was like a man, but his legs were shaped like a goat’s and instead of feet he had goat’s hoofs. He was a faun.

mr tumnus and lucy

Describing a friend

I met this girl when i started at Las Cumbres. She was one of the first people who were kind to me.
She has sparkling almond-shaped brown eyes. She has an oval face and wavy dark hair. She is very tall, neither fat or thin. And has also a very nice smile. She dresses both casually and elegantly.
As for her personality she is impatient and competitive but is also very generous and cheerful. Her most striking characteristic is her generosity. She is a very strong person capable to defend her ideas and points of view. And she also likes sports.
She plays hockey at school and goes dancing at twins tap.
In conlclusion I think she is a very cheerful, generous and friendly person.

Listening Activity

Watch the video and complete the blank spaces. Task such as 13 require you to watch and choose the
action performed by the character. Good luck!!! 

Lucy: Were you 1) hidding from me?
Tumnus: No. Uh, well. (stammering) I just… I… No. No. I-I-I just… I was just, um… I
2) didn’t want to scare you.
Lucy: If you don’t 3) mind my asking…what are you?
Tumnus: Well, I’m a…(sighs) Well, I’m a faun. And what about you? You 4) must be some
kind of…beardless dwarf?
Lucy: I’m not a dwarf. I’m a girl! And, actually, I’m tallest in my class.
Tumnus: Do you 5) mean to say that you’re a Daughter of Eve?
Lucy: Well, my mum’s name is Helen…
Tumnus: Yes, but you are 6) in fact human?
Lucy: Yes, of course.
Tumnus: What 7) are you doing here?
Lucy: Well, I was hiding in the 8) wardrobe  in the spare room, and…
Tumnus: Spare Oom? Is that in Narnia?
Lucy: Narnia? What’s that?
Tumnus: Well, dear girl, you’re in it! 9) everything from the lamppost, all the way to Castle Cair
Paravel on the Eastern Ocean, 10) every stick and stone you see,11) every icicle…is Narnia,”
Lucy: This is an awfully 12) big wardrobe.
Tumnus: 13) (scoffs/shouts) War Drobe? (aloud /low voice) I’m sorry. Please 14) allow me to
introduce myself. My
name is Tumnus
Lucy: Pleased to meet you, Mr. Tumnus! I’m Lucy Pevensie. (extends/retreats hand)… Oh, you shake it.
Tumnus: Uh…why?
Lucy: I… I don’t know. People 15) do  it when they meet 16) each other.
17) (Tumnus claps/shakes her hand left to right)
Tumnus: Well, then, Lucy Pevensie from the shining city of War Drobe in the wonderous land
of Spare Oom, how would it be if you 18)came and have tea with me?
Lucy: Well, thank you very much, but I… I probably should be 19) getting back.
Tumnus: Yes, but it’s just around the corner! And there’ll be a glorious fire with toast and
cakes! And-and, perhaps, we’ll even 20) break into the sardines.
Lucy: I don’t know…..
Tumnus: Come on. It’s not every day that I 21) get to make a new friend
Lucy: Well, I suppose I could 22) come for a little while. If you               23) have sardines.                                                                                  Tumnus: By the bucketload. 24) (They walk /run arm-in-arm to Tumnus’ home)                                                                                   Tumnus: Not much further. 25)__________until you see it. You all right?Lucy: Mm-hm.                                                                                             (Lucy 26) stops/continues when she sees the door, again in awe of Narnia)                                                                                                        Tumnus: Well, here we are. 27) ________________ _______________.

Vocabulario: “Fecundo en Ardides”

Usamos esta categorìa para buscar y agregar el vocabulario cuyo significado no sabemos.

Fecundo: produce muchas obres o resultados Ejemplo: fue un escritor muy fecundo; las historias que cuenta son producto de su fecunda imaginación.

Ardid: Artificio empleado para el logro de algún intento. EJ: utilizó un ardid para engañarme.